I think we always knew that Don’t Pacify Me would evolve to have a life of its own. A single in its own right. After its inclusion on the Pacify EP, released last year, we knew there was so much more we wanted to do with the track.

Originally, we began working on the track last year in between live shows with Miles coming to my house to lay down the guitar melodies over a simple backing track I’d put together comprised mainly of electronic beats, sub and a rough lead vocal. On a manly diet of beer and meatball marinara (foot long) subways, the track began to take shape. Steve developed the piano melody at his home and then worked on simple variations of that melody to inject some neo-jazz elements into the track. It was at this point that we knew we had something.

This year, we decided to get in touch with Abbey Road Studios (yes, that Abbey Road Studios) to really set it off, but first we wanted to make sure that we took the best possible version of the track to them. Essentially, we were dressing the track for the mix we wanted. (See what I did there?) So we altered the structure of the song, introducing Steve’s keys earlier on, created a more sombre outro and added a string section which we felt better conveyed the songs message… and then we took it to Abbey Road Studios.

There we worked with Chris Bolster (Foo Fighters, Kate Bush, Maroon 5) and Christian Wright (Bjork, Radiohead, Ed Sheeran) to produce a brand new, polished version of the track. I got the DL on some of the equipment they were using too! (I know what I want for my birthday, now!)

We wanted to make a song that entices you from the start but still has that organic feel that you get from making real instruments the core focus of the song. The end game was to create a song that hints at the overall message of the song from the very beginning and I think we’ve accomplished that with Don’t Pacify Me.

Don’t Pacify Me coming soon…




It’s Valentine’s Day! Yes, it’s that day when many celebrate the “L” word, in its many forms so me and the guys thought, what better way than to create our own little Spotify playlist for you all. So if you like Cloves, Amy Winehouse, Portishead or Maxwell, THIS is the playlist for you!

Happy freakin’ Valentine’s Day!

“Artists who will make an early impression on the year”

Music journalist Sam Liddicott gives his rundown of artists set to make an impression on the music industry this year. The list includes Sigrid, Jones, Malika and Claire Cottrill so, as you can imagine, it was a wonderful surprise to find us on that list as well.

“You cannot listen to her with a lazy and undedicated mind: you go in with a willing heart and submit to the sheer grace and potency.” – Sam Liddicott

Once again this was wholly unexpected and completely humbling. We cannot thank Sam enough, not only for adding us to this incredible list of artists, but for introducing us to artists and bands we hadn’t yet heard of.

Read the article in full HERE

As an artist/ band it’s important to be thankful to those who support your music, those who champion you and that includes everybody from radio and magazine taste-makers to fans, both old and new. We feel very privileged to have people who believe in what we do collaboratively and individually as musicians and it’s still humbling to read what people write on the back of our achievements.

“A voice that will knock your socks off and a stage presence to match it” – York Calling

York Calling, for example, are a magazine who have supported me as an artist before I met the guys. They have promoted my music, reviewed  live shows and even had me on the cover. I have no words except a resounding “thank you” to them for everything they’ve done for me thus far.

It’s an absolute honour to be featured on York Calling Magazine’s Ones To Watch 2018 list.

Read the article in full HERE

It’s officially 2018 and so we thought what better way to start the new year than with a brand new website. Not too shabby if we do say so ourselves. We’ve also overhauled our Spotify playlist and have an absolutely amazing selection of RnB goodies for you all.

The thing about  being a musician is that, while it is about writing and performing music, that’s not all it’s about. Being a musician is about finding artists and bands that inspire you, that make you feel something, that resonate and supporting them. Between us, me, Miles and Steve listen to a vast variety of music and often we’re surprised at each others choices, but that’s a good thing because we’re sharing those artists and bands that we find so inspiring with each other. And that’s why we continue to update our Spotify playlists and share them with you guys.

Our RnB Melodies playlist boasts some seriously amazing tracks from the likes of Sinead Harnett, Mabel, Maribou State and Sabrina Claudio. We’re sharing the wealth. We implore you to do the same. Feel free to follow the playlist as we’ll be updating it regularly.